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A slave collar is a simple metal ring that can be locked around a creature's neck. The bearer of a collar's attuned key can communicate with the wearer telepathically over short distances and is constantly aware of the wearer as if a status spell was in effect. The carrier can more easily affect the wearer with spells.

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May 09, 2017 · At only CR 8 despite its Gargantuan size, the megaprimatus will never be able to go up against any of Pathfinder’s kaiju. (Heck, even yesterday’s mapinguari, despite only being Huge, would probably beat the megaprimatus in a tussle, due to its more accurate claws and its overall magical nature.) But if you’re looking to recreate the dinosaur vs. ape vs. explorers hate triangle of the ... - Forums: Rules Questions: Does the Dire Collar ...

Aug 28, 2014 · I can physically put the dire collar on a dire corby, but the magic of the dire collar won't affect the dire corby, so I won't be able to use it to make a dire dire corby. Darn. Correct. But if you put the collar on a dire rat and activate it, it becomes even direr. Can we put two collars on it? I want a direst rat.

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Dire Collar HUNTER-1 item Accessory Magic Check to acquire Wisdom Survival 5 Powers When you play a card that has the Animal trait on your combat check, reveal this card to add 1; you may additionally discard this card to add another 1d8.

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Dire creatures are large, feral-looking animals. They are not just bigger versions of normal animals, however. On the whole, dire creatures are bigger, stronger, faster, and more aggressive than their normal counterparts. No one is certain what causes a dire creature to be born.

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Follow-up in English.. Credit for some images below: Danielle West.[] [] �100types [Ben Archer] Educational and reference site run by Ben Archer, a designer, educator and type enthusiast located in England (who was in Auckland, New Zealand, before that).

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What makes it “new collar”: In her column at USA Today, “cloud computing technician” was one of the first jobs Rometty specifically cited as “new collar.” Cloud computing is a classic example of a field experiencing a shortage of workers, with jobs that could be filled by people who have completed training and certification programs ...

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Right now, for me at least, I plan to invest in a greater Dire Collar for the near future in the hopes of being able to snag one before 9th level, because I -really- like the idea of having a lion that's able to go toe-to-toe with a young adult dragon with a definite chance of being able …

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I'm working on a Mounted Barbarian build, utilizing the Mounted Fury together with Boon Companion to get an animal companion at the same HD as the Barbarian.. This together with Ferocious Mount, Horsemaster's Saddle and the Amplified Rage teamwork feat to boost the strength score of the companion through the roof. With Mammoth Lance, I'd be able to use my mounts strength score …

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Environment any Organization solitary, pair, or pack (3–12) Treasure none. These larger versions of the corgi live and work in halfling communities. Halflings typically train dire corgis for combat and as riding dogs, rather than as herding dogs, due to their size and relative ferocity.


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The collar is a crude band of iron from which hang the fist-sized shrunken heads of three hags (an annis hag, a green hag, and a sea hag). The heads remain semi-animate—they occasionally twitch, blink, coo softly, or whisper curses at the wearer, each other, or anyone else nearby.